You’re likely already using a number of cloud services for your business without realizing it.

Office 365

A lot of small, medium and large businesses are already using the Microsoft 365 platform for e-mail, but the platform is far more powerful than just providing you with business e-mail and shared mailbox and calendaring functions.

With Microsoft Office 365, included with virtually every licensing option, you also receive access to 1 Terabyte of OneDrive storage per user, SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams among a range of other functions and abilities.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure gives you the ability to host your critical web infrastructure such as accounting servers and other services in the cloud. This eliminates the requirement to have on-premise server infrastructure that is not only costly to acquire but costly to maintain.

SharePoint Online

With SharePoint online, you can create a central repository of all your important company documents and files.

This ensures that documents are available to all your users that require them. Access and Security can be configured to ensure that only the users you specify have access to specific files and folders.

SharePoint also allows multiple users to work on the same documents simultaneously, and in addition keeps a history of changes made as well as previous versions of your documents.

Whilst this does not eliminate the need for backups, If a user changes a document accidently, or even deletes a document, we can restore those documents for you.