Managed Services as an investment and not a cost item.

Managed services should be seen as investment and not a cost item on a budget and to explain this we need to look at how IT support was generally provided in the past.

In the past if a user hasn’t had an issue, for example a user can’t print or can’t open a document or is struggling to send an email, generally what we have seen is that the user would rather sit there for two maybe three hours trying to get things to work or trying to find ways around the problem.

The problem with this is that a task that would normally take the user 5 maybe 10 minutes to complete will end up taking 2-3 hrs. The user would then contact IT support who would then only be able to come out 2 or 3 hours later, and many times only the next day.

This obviously has cost implications over and above the cost of the actual technician coming out to site.  There’s the cost of the actual lost productivity for the 6 hours that the staff member has been unable to work in that there’s a salary that needs to be paid for their time as well other costs that are not always considered such as the actual overhead costs to keep the staff member like the cost of office space, electricity and so on.

Managed services attempts to address these issues and reduce these costs by firstly making sure that your systems of fully proactively managed.

How we manage your systems pro-actively.

IT Evolution makes use of a world-leading remote monitoring and management tool that allows us to install a small piece of software that monitors a user’s machine, by monitoring items such as CPU usage, how much hard drive space is left on their computer and memory usage.

When there is a potential issue it will then send us an alert so we can proactively perform the necessary maintenance before the users experiences down-time.

This tool allows us, with the users permission, to connect to the computer remotely without needing to come out on site or without the user having to wait for us.

The costs

Now obviously manage services comes at its own cost and the reason we said it should be seen as an investment as opposed to another cost item is due to the cost savings achieved by increasing your users productivity by being able to proactively manage your IT infrastructure.

Managed services is provided at a fixed cost per device, irrespective of how many times a  user needs to call us for assistance.

This also allows you to budget effectively as you will know exactly how much you will be spending on IT support in a financial year.