During the evolution of every company your systems and infrastructure will grow older and will be in need of an upgrade to keep up with business demand and to ensure productivity stays at its best.

Whether you want to move your entire infrastructure into the cloud, or simply replace a server, this is where our projects team can assist you.

Our process will start off with a meeting between the client and one of our Sales team members and a Senior projects consultant. At this meeting, we will try to understand what your requirements are and how we can best assist you.

Here’s a look at what our process involves:

We understand that projects can impact productivity and this is kept top of mind when scoping projects. We will for example schedule projects over a weekend rather than mid-week to minimise productivity loss.

During the project the client is always kept up to date with our progress.

Once complete, the projects consultant will always be scheduled for a follow up visit directly after completion to assist any users that require assistance and attend to any snags that may arise.

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